that was just a dream, dream, dream

I was passing at your door and I saw your window was open. It was twilight, the sun had just went down and I was coming back from a concert; a huge one. It was great though.

I don't know how I did that but I jumped to your balcony. Yeah, it was second floor.I was suddenly in a room. There were two beds at the corners of the room. I saw your mobile phone which you changed couple of weeks ago. It was Motorola. I thought that you left at home cause I was so sure that you were not there.  But I felt that you were in other room, you know, the biggest one. I wanted to go out but I couldn't. I knew that you would have heard some noise. Shortly after, it was you! But your hair... It was too long. It was long till your back. You were looking like a Korn's vocalist. It was not fun, you were looking good either way.

So I just went to bed and lained. I turned my face to the wall, I ashamed to look at your face you were so serious. I was thinking that I did the same thing again. I was so angry with myself. I was angry beceause I promised myself that I wouldn't come at your door again.

Then I turned my face to you. You were on the opposite bed and just like me you were resting your bones.

You look at my eyes so seriosly. It did not took so long. After, you began to speaking about your stupid stuff, you know like you always do. I was thinking that I could not resist anymore and I could not stand anymore what you have been saying. Same thing! Nothing is changing!

I was in your home again. It was boring again.

The thing is, this was the only place that I wanted to stay till I die.

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